Green Beaches in Butjadingen

Children can dig in the sand in the North Sea-Lagoon Butjdaingen and on the Friesenstrand in Tossens. But a beach without sand also has its advantages. The wind does not whip sand grains into the eyes and it does not crunch while having a snack inbetween swims. Relax on our green slopes with absolut recreation.

Panormamaansicht vom Burhaver Strand.
Panormamaansicht vom Burhaver Strand.

Beach Burhave

Burhave Beach

Burhave is one of the tourist centres of Butjadingen. Only a few meters away from the play barn and the North Sea lagoon is the green beach Burhave. With a cosy atmosphere and an excellent view of the container terminal in Bremerhaven, the colourful beach chairs are a great place to endure. And if you still need some exercise, you can disappear to the sand playground or play beach volleyball or a game of football.

You don't need that much action? No problem. Make yourself comfortable on the wooden lathes on the beach hall platform. Take a good book with you and enjoy the fantastic (and wind-protected) 360 degree panorama in between. You'll be surprised how time flies up here.

The famous art promenade begins at Burhave beach. From here you can walk along the water to Fedderwardersiel and on the way to Wattensteg, which is unique on the North Sea coast of Lower Saxony.

Does your dog want to go with you to the North Sea? No problem. At the campsite in Burhaversiel there is a separate area with beach chairs where you can spend the day together with your four-legged friend at the North Sea coast. As a special service Butjadingen offers free dog showers on all beaches.


Beach Eckwarderhörne

Beach corner warder horns

The beacon in the back and a fantastic view to the front of Wilhelmshaven and the Jade-Weser Port. And then there are the fantastic sunsets over the North Sea - that's Eckwarderhörne.

The green beach in Eckwarderhörne is an insider tip among the guests in Butjadingen. Here the clock ticks even slower than it already does at the North Sea and in Butjadingen. While the children play and splash at the edge of the water on the small playground or under the supervision of the DLRG, mum and dad can enjoy themselves in their beach chair or over a cup of coffee in the beach hall.

From the beach Eckwarderhörne several guided mudflat walks with national park guide Matthias Schulz start. And when the water comes back, they say: Clear the stage for the windsurfers. Eckwarderhörne offers optimal conditions for surfers.