Health and Beauty in Butjadingen

Experience the regenerative, stimulating power of the North Sea climate. Our fresh air and the extensive range of health care are the key for body, mind and soul. Nothing can contribute so well to this harmony as pure nature. Butjadingen has plenty of that to offer.
Walk along the coast for kilometers, breath the salt and iodine air, listen to the steady sound of the surf, enjoy the unique colors of the sky and the sea and simply just relax – Butjadingen means to enjoy with all of your senses.
Being healthy means more than the interaction of all body functions and organs. The goal of today’s spa medicine is to create and strengthen the balance between body, mind and soul.
The peninsula Butjadingen with the North Sea Resorts Burhave, Tossens and Fedderwardersiel offers the ideal conditions for your health and spa vacation.