therapeutic indications

Prevention of colds (hardening)

    For recurrent respiratory infections and susceptibility to infection

Nonallergic respiratory diseases

    Chronic Sinusti

    Chronic bronchitis


Non-allergic skin diseases (summer only)


    Teen Acne




    bronchial asthma

    hay fever

Additional indications

    Arthrosis and degenerative diseases of the spine and joints

    Diseases of the musculoskeletal system

    Outpatient rehabilitation of injuries and sports injuries

Children from school age on

    susceptibility to infections

    whooping cough

    Chronic recurrent bronchitis

    bronchial athma


    Psoriasis (only in summer, from April to September)


The maritime climate is suitable for sprightly seniors, but not for seniors at a very advanced age or with multiple and/or very severe illnesses.


Contraindications (contraindications) of the sea climate in Burhave and Tossens for the following diseases

    Severe diseases

    Pronounced hyperthyroidism

    Severe heart diseases

    Severe kidney diseases

    Acute phlebitis

    Acute inflammation of the kidneys and urinary tract

    Fever (additional stress due to stimulating climate)

    Light dermatoses (in summer)

    In winter not suitable for depressive moods, seasonal and manifest depression