Walking through the mud flats


A walk through the mud flats is part of the vacation on the North Sea just like the constant change of the tides. In Butjadingen the guided walks start on the seabed of Eckwarderhörne, Fedderwardersiel and Tossens. Every tour in the UNESCO World Heritage has its own special charm.

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Wadden hikes from Eckwarderhörne


The state-certified National Park mud flat tour guide Matthias Schulz offers various walks from Eckwarderhörne. The WATT 4 KIDS guided children’s tour is ideal for small and big kids. During the tide-hike you will meet the tide and get lots of information about the tide and flood, fauna and flora in the mud flats. During the family tour, a typical mud flat worm is dug up, a clam experiment performed and you walk all the way to the “Jadefahrwasser”, where the ships make their way from A to B. The sunset migration in Eckwarderhörne is a very special experience. Enjoy the sunset over Wilhelmshaven during the guided tour.

Tickets for the walks can be found in the Tourist-Information Burhave and Tossens or directly by the tour guide.

Information & registration by phone 0171 3151155, by SMS or at

Meeting point: Tour-Guide-Lodge Eckwarderhörne, Zum Leuchtfeuer 118a, 26969 Butjadingen-Eckwarderhörne

Mud flat socks can be purchased at the meeting point. If there is a need for a mud flat buggey, please inform the tour-guide beforehand.


Wadden hikes from Tossens


With the state-certified National Park tour guide Simone Izadpanah, the tour starts from the “Friesenstrand” in Tossens out into the World Heritage. The tours for a maximum of 15 people can be adapted to your personal interests and possibilities. This makes it easy for families with babies and toddlers, for people with disabilities, for seniors and families with dogs. Neoprene shoes are provided free of charge.

Meeting Point: Tour Guide Lodge on the “Friesenstrand” in Tossens.

Contact for further information & registration (also by SMS): Tel. 0172/6989301

In addition, the state-certified National Park tour guide Ralf von Thülen has been accompanying guests and locals into the mud flats for more than 20 years and is enthusiastic about the participants of his guided tours.

Information & registration at: 0179/2195299 (9am – 12pm, 15pm – 18 pm) or by mail at

Tickets are available at the Butjenter Küstenmarkt and the Markantmarkt in Tossens.

Please come to the meeting point at the Tour-Guide-Lodge, Nordseeallee in Tossens 15 minutes before the tour starts.


Vater schiebt seine Kinder im Wattmobil durchs Watt.
Vater schiebt seine Kinder im Wattmobil durchs Watt.

Watts for all!

Watts for everyone - World Heritage with the Wattmobile


In Butjadingen, all guests can experience the UNESCO World Heritage – even those who are not yet or not so well on foot. With our mud flat buggies and tolleys in Eckwarderhörne, Tossens and Langwarder Groden, everyone can experience the unique nature of the mud flats. Information about the rental of the buggies can be found in the Tourist Information Burhave and Tossens or directly by the tour guide.


Dangers in the mudflats!

    1. never go into the mudflats alone

    2. inform yourself about the tides and plan enough time for your way back. At high tide, the tideways are first filled with strong currents. Even experienced swimmers should never try to swim through a tidal channel. If there is still a tidal channel between you and the mainland after low tide, please start your way back immediately.

    3. depressions, tideways, holes, mussel fields, steep edges and silt fields can become life-threatening, if one does not know the pitfalls. (danger of sinking into mud zones; cuts)

    4. only go into the mudflats during the day and when the weather is good and visibility is good. Never go into the mudflats in twilight, darkness, storm and fog. The stay in the life-threatening.

    5. wear suitable clothing against sunburn, sunstroke, but also against cooling off in the wind. Apply plenty of sun cream and headgear.

    6 If fog suddenly appears, do not wander aimlessly, but try to find your way to the coast by following your footsteps. Call out loud for help!

    7 In thunderstorms, entering the tidal flat is life-threatening!

    8. inform someone before you go into the tidal flat. It is best to take a mobile phone with you.

    9. remember a prominent point on the mainland to have a landmark for your return.