Alter der Kinder


Vacation in the country

 Directly by the North Sea

A country holiday directly by the North Sea? This is possible on the North Sea peninsula of Butjadingen. Take your vacation on a farm – a real experience for the kids. Milk cows, feed animals or take a ride on the tractor and right next door is the North Sea waiting for you to take a dive. A night at the Hay-Hotel is a very special adventure. Tell one another scary stories while cuddling up inside your sleeping bag on the hay loft.



Country life in Butjadingen



Butjadingen is not only an ideal seaside resort, but it is mainly characterized by agriculture. Here the cows have the right of way when the farmer leads them from one pasture to another pasture on the other side of the road. Cows and horses in the fields, sheep on the dikes and occasionally you can also meet geese – who, of course, also have the right of way. Not infrequently you share the road with a tractor when the farmer has harvested his fields and is returning home.


Sluices and Dikes

The dikes ensure that there is no “land under” at elevated water levels in Butjadingen. For an eternity they bordered the North Sea peninsula Butjadingen, Stadland and Jade. They offer seemingly endless paths for walking, cycling and skating. They are the workplace of our lovable sheep and their height makes for a wonderful view. If you like technology, you’ll find sluices and their sluice gates fascinating. Where else does such simple technology protect so much land?



Agriculture has shaped our image with all its facets for centuries. In addition to classical fieldwork, much has accumulated in the field of agricultural house work and numerous customs and traditions have emerged.

If you like eating an old-fashioned home cooked meal, the country women are your people to contact. They are also willing to pass on one or the other recipe, that way you can taste your vacation at home. Every first Sunday of the month regional products are sold at the County Women Market at the Seefelder Mühle.



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Melkhus Seeverns

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Melkhus Plümer

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Melkhus Thaden

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Melkhus Struck

Der ideale Ort für eine Pause bei einer Radtour durch Jade.

Melkhus Köhne

Das Melkhus Köhne ist der ideale Ort für eine Pause bei einer Rundtour um den Jadebusen.